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Boat Time
You’ll be spending each of your on-water days out on the sea – in, around and outside of the Vava’u Group of islands. Your boat days will start around 7:00am as we like to be out on the water early.

You’ll be on the water for long periods of time with your skipper and guide working tirelessly to find you whales that are suitable for swimming and to get you in the water with those whales. Sometimes we are in the water with the whales less than an hour after leaving the dock… other times you might wait longer for the chance.

Being out on the sea all day you’ll need to be prepared for variety of conditions from sunshine to driving rain, so don’t forget your hat, sunglasses and sun protection… and your water-proofs and warm jacket as well! You’ll find plenty of fresh water aboard, and plenty of snacks to fill in the quiet times before and after lunch.

Your boat is your “day home” for the duration of your trips and you’ll grow attached to her we’re sure.

Our Vessels
DreamCatcher is 8 metres long, and offers our skipper great visibility around the whales. She’s powerful and manoeuvrable and allows us excellent access in to and out of the water. She is marine toilet-equipped, has a spot for a nap up front if you need it and has small cabin area for shelter from the elements

Whimsical is an 8-metre twin hull cat. She’s fast, stable and has with plenty of room in the cockpit. With 360 degree view for the skipper and unparalleled handling whatever the conditions she has proved a fantastic base for photography. Whilst interior space is limited, the large cover offers shelter should you wish.

Both boats have a proven track record working in the waters around Vava’u and have enabled Darren to achieve award winning photographs.

Occasionally through the season our vessels may require servicing, and we will have the use of an alternate vessel at our boat operator’s discretion.