Getting to Vava’u

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Getting to Vava’u

To get to Vava’u you have a couple of options:

Option 1. The traditional route… via the main Island of Tonga flying in to the International airport of Nuku’alofa (Airport code TBU) and then take a domestic flight to the beautiful northern islands and the whale breading grounds in Vava’u (airport code VAV).

This can be done direct or via Sydney with Virgin Australia or via Auckland with Air New Zealand.

The domestic airline ‘Real Tonga’ offers daily flights (except Sundays) between the main island (TBU) and where we swim with whales in Vava’u (VAV). Whilst the International and domestic airlines share the same runway there are domestic and international terminals. On booking to Vava’u, the Real Tonga flight is the one advertised between Tongatapu and Vava’u.

Arrival times on the main island may dictate an “overnight”(or only a few hours between midnight and 6 am) stay, before catching the domestic flight . As facilities at the International and Domestic airports are limited we suggest that guests make us of the very conveniently located Scenic Hotel to relax and refresh.

Option 2.

Since April 2016 there has been periodical direct flights to Vava’u from Nadi, Fiji.

This means routes such as Aust-Fiji-Vavau; USA-Fiji-Vavau; NZ-Fiji-Vava’u, Hong Kong-Fiji-Vavau are all possible.

Please check the Fiji Airways web site

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