Conni Weise

Conni Weise

Conni grew up in East Germany and migrated to Australia in 1997, teaching German.

Very soon, Conni developed a passion for nature and wildlife in Australia, and travelled a lot in her school holidays.

While living in Hervey Bay and helping out on a whale watching boat, Conni was amazed to be able to observe Humpback whales in such so close quarters (not just on TV like in Germany). She loved her whale watching weekends more and more… but Conni always wanted to be in the water with mask and snorkel… but she thought that was just a dream…

That dream came true in August 2012 and 2013 when Conni travelled to Tonga on Darren Jew’s whale swimming photography tours. ‘Schnorkelling’ with whales in Tonga made her cry, laugh, hug everyone and dance around the boat.

Conni also learnt SCUBA diving on Lady Elliot Island in 2012, goes snorkelling in most of her holidays … underwater photography has become her favourite hobby!

Today she says swimming with whales like in Tonga was the most impressive and amazing experience she has ever had in the natural world! Words are often not enough to explain the feelings when you are eye to eye with a giant Humpback whale!  And YES, she will go to Tonga again!

Photographs © Conni Weise who joined Darren for her birthday in Tonga in 2012 & 2013

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