Printing photos in Vava’u

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Printing photos in Vava’u

We’re fortunate to have access to a Canon Pixma Pro9500mkii at the Whales Underwaterour HQ.

Given the difficulty of freight logistics to the islands, environmental conditions for storage of materials and no access to consumables locally, there are limitations to what is offered.

Accessing the printer is on a user-contributes basis so if you wish to print here’s what you need to do:

You will need to bring your own paper. The ONLY papers we put through the machine are resin-coated photo papers in A4 size. This is to make printing as efficient as possible as we are only using one set of profiles, they tend to use less ink and are the cleanest papers we can run, aiding the serviceability of the printer. Please bring no more than 25 sheets.
Paper Required:

You’ll use the box/package the paper came in to transport your prints home.

Ink Supplies

If you are going to bring paper, you also need to contribute by purchasing one ink cartridge and bringing it over with you. These are very small and very light.

Inkstation is one supplier of genuine Canon cartridges for the Pixma Pro 9500mkii that we are running. Please do not purchase non-genuine cartridges as we can’t risk the printer in such a remote location.

Please message Darren if you intend to print and he will let you know which cartridge will be the most useful. Email Darren at [email protected]