Mel Smith

Mel Smith

Over the last five years Mel Smith has been living and working in the beautiful Whitsundays as a resort photographer on Hamilton Island & is currently manager of the Hamilton Island Photography team.

On Hamilton Island she specialises in portraiture– capturing beautiful holiday portraits for families, groups & couples and shooting a range of annual island events such as Audi Race Week. Living in paradise Mel also has a love for landscape and nature photography.

Living on the doorstep of the Great Barrier Reef over the last five years Mel has grown a passion for underwater photography and is simply amazed by the beauty of ocean life surrounding her.

“Underwater photography is a complete new world. It’s a place of wonder and a special place to create art. It’s challenging too, not  always being in full control of light & direction like I am when I’m shooting on land producing portraits. It’s refreshing and therapeutic at the same time”

“In 2013 I travelled to Tonga for the first time to take part on one of Darren’s whale swim photography enthusiast tours. 

Wow, what an incredible trip! Swimming with such beautiful, gentle giants in the crystal clear waters of Tonga was truly the most amazing experience. It is a life changing experience. I’ll never forget the heart stopping moments of being in the water during a heat run of nine boisterous male humpbacks fighting to take prime position to win the females attention, or the gentle and dreamlike moments swimming in calm waters with mums & their newly born calves”

Mel enjoyed her adventure so much that she returned in October 2015 to do it all over again.

You can check out Mel’s website to see more of my work

Photographs © Melanie Smith who joined us in Tonga in 2013 & again in 2015


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